The returned questionnaires from the February 2016 Consulation have been analysed, reviewed and documented in ABBPlan_2016_Workshop_Analysis.pdf.


Revised Aims Revised Objectives
  • Protect, maintain and, where feasible, enhance our unique natural environment and its biodiversity in order to sustain the rural environment which makes our Parish a special place to live (NP Survey Spring 2015)
  • Protect, maintain and (where feasible) enhance the current level of public access to the countryside in our Parish.
  • Ease the level of surface flooding in the Parish around DEFRA identified flood alert areas.
  1. Support proposals that do not impact the tranquillity of Abbotskerswell Parish.
  2. Support development that has low impact on our landscape and environmental assets and, in particular, safeguarding our unique biodiversity, especially in regard to protected species.
  3. Support development where it does not exacerbate existing surface water flooding.
  4. Encourage additional planting which can have a positive impact on run-off from agricultural and open land.
  5. Ensure development adheres to requirements for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).
  6. Future building and land use must incorporate flood prevention proposals, particularly for known flood risk areas in the Parish.


Revised Aims Revised Objectives
  • Protect the special character of the buildings and settlement areas in Abbotskerswell (with particular reference to the village’s Conservation Area) and establish standards to help ensure high quality design.
  1. Review the existing development envelope and conservation area.
  2. New or rebuild dwellings, extensions or other building works should blend in with neighbouring and nearby dwellings.
  3. Promote the use of nearby existing mineral resources.
  4. Introduce a Parish design statement and, if necessary, recommend additional conditions or withdrawal of permitted development rights in cases where development proposals do not meet the Parish design statement.


Revised Aims Revised Objectives
  • Improve safe and easy accessibility in and around the village and surrounding hamlets.
  • Encourage people to use the countryside more frequently.
  1. Improve parking in the village, where possible.
  2. Consider measures to improve safe road usage.
  3. Investigate off road parking opportunities and parking restrictions.
  4. Reappraise heavy goods vehicle access to the village.
  5. Restrict HGV access through narrow lanes.
  6. Improve footpath accessibility.
  7. Facilitate greater and safer use of bicycles in the Parish.


Revised Aims Revised Objectives
  • Support additional new small scale housing development in appropriate locations only where it meets local needs.
  1. Proposals for housing will only be supported if they meet the identified local need for affordable housing (Housing Needs Report Oct 2014).
  2. Review the current housing needs with the Parish Council and regularly set a baseline for affordable housing.
  3. Assimilate the impact of TDC’s Local Plan’s stated intent to develop NA3 Wolborough and identify, in collaboration with TDC and NATC, any NA3 issues which may impact on the well-being of the Parish, its residents and its bio-diversity.
  4. Support in principle proposals for one-off self-build projects by local residents as a possible method for providing a more affordable new house.
  5. Dwellings must be in an appropriate location and of a suitable design which respects the essential characteristics of our landscape, natural environment and built character of the village.


Revised Aims Revised Objectives
  • Support the rural business economy
  1. Support micro/small scale, business development adjacent to village envelope or adjacent nearby hamlets and which have low adverse visual or environmental impact.
  2. Explore potential sites for sensitive development to meet objective 1.


Revised Aims Revised Objectives
  • Protect, maintain and enhance open spaces, recreational areas and community facilities
  1. Identify locally valued community spaces and assets
  2. Establish a land use policy to achieve the aims of this Neighbourhood Plan.
  3. Support existing community facilities and improve where possible.