Linden Homes has appealed against TDC's refusal for 53 dwellings along Manor Road.


The Informal Appeal Hearing is at Forde House, Newton Abbot on Tuesday 26th January 2016 at 10:00am. YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OPINIONS KNOWN TO THE INSPECTOR. Abbotskerswell Parish Council needs support from all concerned residents at that Hearing.

(For further information phone, Kevin Eales on 01626 331947 or Wendy Grierson on 01626 353701)

Reference: 15/00041/REF   Address: Land At Manor Road NGR 285344 69249, Manor Road, Abbotskerswell, Devon,

Proposal: Appeal against refusal of outline applicationref 14/02802/MAJ for up to 53 newdwellings with approval sought for access

Status: Appeal In Progress

Procedure: Informal Hearing


Abbotskerswell Parish Council objected on the following grounds:

· Development is outside the village envelope

· Development is in designated open countryside

· APC identified an affordable homes need of 6 dwellings only over 5 years

· Proposed dwelling numbers is excessive development according to Housing Needs Survey

· Traffic congestion in the village will be increased

· The current parking and flooding issues will be compounded

· The Parish’s bio-diversity is threatened: in particular, greater horseshoe bats and the wider South Hams, Special Area of Conservation

· Translocation of species is high risk