More to follow on what we are doing about our Built and Historic Environment

The Parish of Abbotskerswell is blessed with incredible biodiversity and beauty.

SW view of Parish

'Permanent pasture and arable fields, surrounded by traditional hedgerows are the dominant feature of the Parish. Most of the hedgerows are species-rich and probably ancient. Small copses and woodlands are dotted across the Parish. This type of landscape is often home to an abundance of bats and several species have been recorded.'

We have a Tree Warden who is Amy Walkden. She can be contacted by email to amy.amy(add @ sign)me.com or on her mobile; 07787 135409.

The latest Biodiversity report from 2007 can be seen here, with the updated commentary from 2015 which was submitted for the Neighbourhood Plan. 

Some Ideas for Local Action…

  1. Further survey:
  2. Influence the management of Public Open Space:
  3. Build relationships with local landowners: 
  4. Adopt a road verge: 
  5. Wildlife gardening:
  6. Join local conservation organisations:

 The Natural Environment and Diversity Committee page gives more detail on the work being done





More to follow about the current Neighbourhood Plan and activities to put it into action



The Neighbourhood Plan for Abbotskerswell Parish was finally adopted on the 31st October 2017 after two years of hard work and preparation.

The process of getting to this point can be reviewed from the following links;


You can see from the above links what we are doing under each of the main areas of activity. Please feel free to comment directly to the Parish Council or via this website.




Almost!! Examiner's Report is in

We have now received the Abbotskerswell Neighbourhood Development Plan Examiner's Report dated 13th June 2017.

The Examiner congratulated the Steering Group and the Parish Council for producing a well-focused and locally distinctive neighbourhood plan.

He went on to point out that there are some recommendations for amending the Plan, and that once amended, he recommended to Teignbridge District Council that the Plan should proceed to referendum.

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