Your Emergency Planning Group has been preparing for this coming winter over the last few months.

From Neighbourhood Plan page 23

In case problems arise, it’s best to be prepared. Emergency numbers are listed on the back of Abbtalk so please keep copies handy. Please also note that our list of contacts is on the parish website and you can access the self-help leaflet here, which gives details of how to prepare your family's emergency pack beforehand.

In the event of flooding, we have our own Flood Warden, Dave Wilds. Devon County Council also provides excellent advice and you can sign up for flood alerts with the environment agency who will email, call and or text you if there is an alert in your area.

If a grit bin needs replacing or filling, please report online. Grit bins are there for free use for public highways and paths, but you may need your own stockpile of salt/grit for your own private paths and drives.

In the event of a County wide emergency that delays help to our Parish, we are the best people to support each other, so please support vulnerable neighbours in your immediate vicinity.



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