With the prospect of nearly 1,700 new homes on the doorstep, you are probably wondering what the current situation is, what's already been done, what are the key dates and documents and what you can do.

We particularly need to have as many interested folks at the public consultation on the newest proposal for East Wolborough which commences 4:00pm on 29th October at Buckland Athletic FC. Your Parish Council has the view that there are too many of the wrong kind of homes being planned. 

NA3 Master Plan 2018 

Award winning wildlife photographer, Andrew Cooper is coming to our village to show off his spectacular photos and talk us through them.  A very enjoyable evening for everyone. Andrew Cooper Poster

Come join us at the annual Abbotskerswell Fireworks Display. 

Fireworks Poster

Three large tracks to keep you amused with tunnels, crossing and bridges. Pop along and take a look. 

Model Railway poster

'Tis the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, and.... bonfires!! There is no law prohibiting bonfires or regulating times when they can be lit, but they do cause annoyance and add to local air pollution so we would discourage their use for disposal of waste.



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