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***    Community Consultation Workshop 12 & 13 February 2016 - Parish Rooms Abbotskerswell   ***


Support additional new small scale housing development in appropriate locations only where it meets local needs. 


  • Proposals for housing will be supported if they meet the identified local need for affordable housing (Housing Needs Report Oct 2014).
  • Review the current housing needs with the Parish Council and regularly set a baseline for affordable housing.
  • Assimilate the impact of TDC’s Local Plan’s stated intent to develop NA3 Wolborough, which is adjacent to Abbotskerswell Parish and planned to deliver 10 hectares of employment development and at least 1500 dwellings of which 20% (300) will be affordable homes and 5% are self-builds.
  • Identify in collaboration with TDC and NATC any NA3 issues which may impact on the well-being of the Parish, its residents and its bio-diversity.
  • Support in principle proposals for one-off self-build projects by local residents as a possible method for providing a more affordable new house.
  • Dwellings must be in an appropriate location and of a suitable design which respects the essential characteristics of our landscape, natural environment and built character of the village.

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