This page sets out the submission process and developments for the Abbotskerswell Neighbourhood Plan

This page is the third in three sets of information behind the development of the Abbotskerswell Neighbourhood Plan (see this link for the submission version) and is about the submission process for the Plan. The further pages to see are;

The current plan can be seen from clicking this link


The Referendum to formally embed the Neighbourhood Plan - 2016 to 2033 took place on Thursday the 28th September 2017 and was voted in by a large marjority of the residents of Abbotskerswell Parish and has now been ratified by Teignbridge District Council. More information on the referendum is in this article.

Response to submission;

In the Abbotskerswell Neighbourhood Development Plan Examiner's Report dated 13th June 2017, the Examiner explained that 

'The Steering Group and the Parish Council are to be congratulated for producing a well-focused and locally distinctive neighbourhood plan. The policies cover the matters which are of importance to the community but at the same time sit comfortably with the strategic policies in the Teignbridge Local Plan, including the large Wolborough strategic allocation which stands astride of the Parish boundary in the north of the Plan Area. The overall thrust of the polices and proposal have been clearly shaped by the constraints imposed by the wealth of ecological assets and networks that cross the Parish, especially in term of the Greater Horseshoe Bat, a European protected species. I consider that it will deliver sustainable development.'

He goes on to point out that there are some recommendations for amending the Plan, and that once amended, he recommended to Teignbridge District Council that the Plan should proceed to referendum.

Further information can be obtained from the TDC website on this link.


At the monthly Parish Council meeting on Monday 30th January 2017, Abbotskerswell Parish Council was recommended by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to approve the Neighbourhood Plan with its evidence base, together with the supporting Basic Conditions Statement and Consultation Statement and all necessary appendices. The Parish Council duly accepted and approved the documents for submission to Teignbridge District Council for inspection by an independent examiner.

The Neighbourhood Planning Committee worked throughout 2016 to deliver and consult on the Neighbourhood Plan and have now submitted the plan and appendices to Teignbridge DC.

This page sets out the Formal Submission documents which include the responses to the consultation process.

Abbotskerswell Neighbourhood Plan 2016 to 2033

Abbotskerswell SEA-HRA Screening Jan 17 2017

Ref  Title of the document or link 
   Basic Conditions Statement
   Consultation Statement
  Consultation Statement Appendices:
 A1  Designation Confirmation 
 A2  Memorandum of Agreement
 B1  Workshop Poster
 B2  Workshop Board (L)
 B3   Workshop board (P)
 B4  Workshop comments 
 C1  Survey 2015 form
 C2  Survey 2015 Analysis
 D1  VAO Survey 2016
 E1   Vision Board (L)
 E2  Vision Board (P)
 E3  Vision Comments
 E4  Vision Analysis
 F1            Consultation Flyer
 F2  Consultation Notice
 F3  Consultation Form
 F4  Pre-Submission Plan
 F5  TDC Screening Report
 G1  Consultees
 G2  Consultees (SMEs)
 G3  Consultation Responses: Part A; Part B; Part C; Part D.
 G4 Pre-Submission Consultation Summaries and Responses
   Formal TDC Comments on Abbotskerswell Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Development Plan





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